OPUS: Franz Jäger

2024-07-13 / Crackhouse

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OPUS: Franz Jäger
Sept Rudeboy daisy cutter Evius

OPUS is a fusion of visual brilliance and pulsating beats that transcends the boundaries of traditional experiences. OPUS invites you to step into a world where each note resonates with the vibrant strokes of artistic expression. Join us in this extraordinary celebration of the interconnected realms of art and electronic music, where every moment turns into masterpiece.

Tickets available at the door
40/50 PLN (after midnight)

➤ OPUS is the event series curated by Sept in collaboration with Rudeboy and Crackhouse.

Ilosc dni: 1

Genre: House

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Data i miejsce eventu:
2024-07-13 - Crackhouse - Niterów 29b, Gdansk, Poland