Mystic Creatures Festival

2024-09-06 / Mystic Creatures Island

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Mystic Creatures Festival

Dear Mystic Creature,
After an incredibly beautiful first edition on the island of the Mystic Creatures, we want to invite you to return to paradise with us.
Far out in the woods, surrounded by a beautiful lake, there is a mystic island. The creatures found a home there, where they can be as they truly are - wild and independent.
Our roots started to grow deeply into the soil of this beautiful island and we are ready to tap into another fairytale with you.
Join us on our journey and become a part of the mystic family.
The Creatures Corner in the north-east, the Mystic Ground in the south-east, the Freaky Forest in the center, the Spirit Space in the west, the Funky Station in the south-west and a reinvented Circus Tent in the south of the island are waiting to become alive again.
Come on board to weave the threads of dreams into another great adventure with us to create, celebrate and embrace this unique moment of our lives together.
Let’s lift our spirits being surrounded by the sheer beauty of our beloved mother nature. Let’s release the creatures that are hidden inside us and celebrate a weekend full of art, culture, community and mystic madness. Let’s sail together to the island of the Mystic Creatures.

The sirens are starting to sing for us, the Leprechauns are dancing around in anticipation and the spirits of the lake, the island and the forest are welcoming us home again…
Dive with us into a parallel world. The journey starts inside.

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2024-09-06 - Mystic Creatures Island - 53,456654, 15,918442