Muse Festival

2024-07-26 / Pałac Goszcz

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Muse Festival

MUSE FESTIVAL | 26-28.07.2024 Welcome to "Muse Festival" - a place where, for three days in July, electronic music will intertwine with the historic walls of the picturesque Goszcz palace - located in the Twardogóra municipality, roughly just an hour away from Wroclaw. What, or who, is the eponymous "Muse"? It is a creative inspiration, a personification of art or knowledge. We encourage you to create your own definition by joining us, for the first edition of the 'Muse Festival’! On the festival grounds you will find two stages in a unique setting: 'Ecclesia' - located in an old post-evangelical church, a temple for fans of techno music - and 'Pratum' - where a wide range of electronic music will resound in a beautiful palace garden. In addition to the music, ‘Muse Festival’ offers a sensory feast, with captivating art installations, a delicious food area and a space with workshops. 

PRATUM (Electronica, Breaks, House, Techno) 

VENUE The historic palace in the town of Goszcz - whose name comes from hospitality - kindly invites you to its grounds. Despite the close proximity of cities, this location in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship is a secluded and picturesque place that will allow you to relax and immerse yourself in a musical adventure. 50 km northeast of Wrocław and about 8 km from the border of the Barycz Valley Landscape Park. Note: The palace is a historic and heritage site, any attempt to deliberately destroy the heritage will be met with appropriate consequences!

 TICKETS TBA ACCOMODATION Camping at the Domaslawice Campus, 4 km from the festival, with a rope park, restaurant or volleyball court. Festival-campus transportation will be organized for festival participants. 

ORGANIZERS Całość / Theia Crush / Underton

Ilosc dni: 2

Genre: Breakbeat, Techno

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2024-07-26 - Pałac Goszcz - Plac Pałacowy, Goszcz