2024-04-05 / Prozak 2.0

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SCHISSMA SHOWCASE: PROZAK 2.0 with VRAXX, SCHELLT, ERNST, JÓZEF KEUNER Friday, 05 April 2024 | 23:59 - 07:00 Kraków | Prozak 2.0 | Plac Dominikański 6 (hard techno) ——————————————————————- Schissma is coming back to Kraków with a showcase in Prozak 2.0! We have been waiting to return to Krakow for a long time. In order to make your Friday night sweaty we are timing up with Prozak 2.0 to give you unforgettable memories of the weekend. Schellt, Vraxx, Józef Keuner & Ernst - only Residents - the essence of Schissma. Pure madness, and no boundaries. Prepare yourself for the Friday hard techno night. Prepare your amazing techno outfits and get ready to experience the energy beyond your beliefs. Remember, Schissma is the place where you don’t have any boundaries, this is the place where we value your individuality, and this is the place where you can feel free and safe. ——————————————————————- LINE-UP: SCHELLT VRAXX ERNST JÓZEF KEUNER No presale. Tickets on door. 30/40/50. STAY SAFE. NO RACISM. NO SEXISM. NO HOMOPHOBIA. PLUR | Face Control | Dress Code | Selection |18+

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Genre: Techno

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2024-04-05 - Prozak 2.0 - Kraków, Plac Dominikański 6