Omnisoma vol. 2

2024-02-17 / Piękny Pies

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Omnisoma vol. 2
Glani Neirol Unsent Universo Dobi

After the phenomenal reception of the Omnisoma vol.1 event, we invite you to the second edition of our new series of events, during which we will immerse ourselves in organic and ethnic varieties of electronic music. You can expect a musical mixture drawing on colors and energy from all directions of the world, additionally enriched with the magic of the Persian setar instrument in the hands of Dobi, enveloping decorations of our team and Glani's visuals. [ Organic | Ethno | Downtempo | Progressive ]

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Genre: Downtempo

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2024-02-17 - Piękny Pies - plac Wolnica 9, 31-060 Kraków