2024-02-17 / Drugi DOM

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Pankoff and DJ Varius Trax

In the heart of the Polish electronic scene, a new entity named Trance-Atlantyk has been born in the cosmic shipyard. It was created thanks to the combined forces of two experienced musical veterans who have not only witnessed its development but have also actively shaped and supported it for the past 20 years. For now, they hide behind enigmatic pseudonyms Pankoff and DJ Varius Trax, and their true identity is known only to a few. Trance-Atlantyk is not just a dynamic and eclectic DJ duo; it is also a series of events featuring progressive house, proto trance, ambient, breakbeat house, rave, and tempos between 130 and 150 BPM. In mid-February, we'll see them along with Evius and the team on the mezzanine, including Kosmalski and DML. See you there!

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Genre: Trance

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2024-02-17 - Drugi DOM - ul. Architektów 1A, Gdynia